NilsonGrp_1024 wideThe Nilson Report was a client of BBM&D Strategic Branding. I created new masthead and logo.  I collaborated with Creative Director to design full color 12-page newsletter template for Nilson’s in-house designer. Set up in InDesign with master pages, text and object style sheets. I trained their designer how to use style sheets. I designed the business letterhead with envelope. Previously the newsletter was black and white with a photo of a globe sculpture in the upper left corner and the name in block letters.separation dots 1200 grey

logo-bellini1200Bellini Bistro was a client of BBM&D Strategic Branding. My original concept upper left. Final logo modified by team lower right. Silver Addy winner.separation dots 1200 grey

logo-OGR-Einstein1200Einstein Collection logo created while working at Streamline Design.separation dots 1200 greywings lh rev1New letterhead and business cards incorporating logos for major brands produced by Streamline Design & Silkscreen, Inc.


My updated typography and train altered to emerge from tunnel in art deco style.


Old clip art logo