ERG_bklt_1200Overview2004 while working in-house for ERG International. Cost effective 4×6, 12-page leave-behind brochure. Full brochures were 30 pages letter size. Cover follows existing brand style.

ERG-Intro-ThumbsEarly days of computers and email. Initiated product line overview as digital PDF brochure. Easier for sales reps to share with designers for getting an appointment.

ERGTableOverviewThumbs7sq150dSecond PDF brochure with more specific product line information to help sales reps and designers review the extensive product line. Reps carried four large binders of individual print brochures.


2005 while working for BBM&D Strategic Branding and client The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. I observed that the museum did not have a visitor’s guide and BBM&D had already created a map. I conceptualized and proposed booklet style guide with fold-out map. The client loved it and this was a very lucrative job for BBM&D. I assisted with design, managed web offset print vendor and press check.


The client wanted something different from the standard gift catalog. I proposed a gift card size mailer. Team design at BBM&D. My boss was impressed that I conceptualized and sold two jobs with a major client in my first six months of employment.