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BannerThumbsWeb2018-2019 Mama’s Minerals in Albuquerque, contract project. Goal: attract people walking through the parking lot and driving by. I suggested soft fabric banners that could be slipped through the security grills and hung behind glass windows. Sheer fabric allows them to be back-lit at night and large images are visible from a distance. This was done on a very tight budget with stock photography and my photography.  It was an iterative process to help the client understand the high-resolution required and find quality images that related to their very specific products which met with their approval. The President of Mama’s Minerals, Laura Randolph, was very pleased.


2008 installation while working for BBM&D Strategic Branding. Six large panels that illustrated the historic timeline of The Limoneira Co. and the City of Santa Paula, California. I assisted with client management and estimating. I managed proof approvals, file submission, and delivery. I researched and created the timeline and helped with design and production of six panels (only two shown).

lc-mg1800x6002008 while working for BBM&D Strategic Branding. Small town, friendly branding for local development campaign. I managed publicity signage for The Limoneira Co. ballot measure campaign. Transit sign for pedestrians, banners for meetings and lawn signs. I did most of the design, handled client approvals and managed vendors.