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Image above shows a thank you card from Surfing The Nations with a boy wearing one of the club tee shirts I donated for the boys and girls of the Bangladesh Surf Club.

Link to read casual letter I sent with the shirts explaining how I became involved. Bangladesh Letter PDF

Link to see film that inspired me: Gum for My Boat by Russell Brownley


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I volunteered with the California ballot proposition to label GMO’s. Trying to give out literature I quickly realized their literature was too scientific and “scary” for people out shopping, so I designed a friendly “baby” hand-out that people would take. The flyer was adopted by leadership and distributed all over the state. I volunteered for almost two years canvassing for signatures at storefronts to get the proposition on the ballot, donating design and marketing skills, and once it was on the ballot public outreach at grocery store entrances to educate voters.

separation dots 1200 grey